2020 Primary School Programme

2020 Magic Journey Programme

Opening Stories (Choose 1)


A brilliant indigenous dreaming story filled with amazing characters and native animals, all about the importance of being kind and helping others. 


One of Australia’s most loved characters who goes for a bike ride you will never forget. Lots of fun and action with wonderful new words to explore!


A young girl sets out for a day of adventure, but everyone else is busy! All she needs is a friend to join her, and this excited little puppy looks like they could be the one!

Main Stories (Choose 2)


Executive profiles – A company is only as strong as its executive leadership. This is a good place to show off who’s occupying the corner offices. Write a nice bio about each executive that includes what they do, how long they’ve been at it, and what got them to where they are.


You'll huff, and you'll puff, and you'll laugh yourself silly! 

The three little pigs just want to build a nice house to live in, but the Big Bad Wolf has other ideas. But when these three pigs put there heads together the Big Bad Wolf might just wish they'd stayed home instead. 


Laugh! Laugh! Laugh! As hard as you can! You won't stop having fun with The Gingerbread Man!

Life sure is crazy when you're delicious, and our Gingerbread Man is finding out  it's not always fun being the most popular person in town. 

Crazy characters, funny farm animals and a not-so-fantastic fox make this classic a timeless favourite.


Join Hans and Helga as they tell the famous much loved tale, that has become our most popular story ever! Three great goats and one tricky troll, make for a fantastic lesson in friendship, problem solving and the downside of greediness. but he’s very silly and great fun. 

The goats may come in small, medium and big, but the fun only comes in extra large in this marvellous misadventure.


The minimum performance  fee for a Primary School incursion is $650.00 for up to 100 students. 

There is an additional fee of $6.50 per student thereafter. 

All costs are inclusive of GST.

'The World of Banjo' Show

The poems of Banjo Patterson come to life!

One of Australia's greatest poets left a legacy of brilliant language, wild characters, and a history of Australia few other have even been able to capture. 

In out 'World of Banjo' show we take 3 of A.B Patterson's most beloved works, and bring them to life! 

Whether you are studying language, Australiana, characters, history or anything in between, this show is sure to delight and engage your student.

With classic characters, wild adventures (and a little help from our audience) The Bookworms will transport you back into the amazing World of Banjo!

Each show contains three classic poems:

Mulga Bills Bicycle

One of Australia’s most loved characters who goes for a bike ride you will never forget. Lots of fun and action with wonderful new words to explore!

The Man From Ironbark

When a man from the small town of Ironbark decides to head off to the 'big smoke' he comes across a Barber the likes of which he's never seen, who will give him a shave he'll never forget.

The Geebung Polo Club

Two very different teams, from two very different walks of life, come together to play one fantastic game. The legend of which will ring out through the ages. 

Their ponies are at the ready, the field is set for play, prepare yourself for the epic battle between the Cuff and Collar Team, and the GEEBUNG POLO CLUB